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Friday, September 4, 2009

One Night Stand: Tyson Paige

*fiction, make-believe, NOT reality-based*

Dear Tyson:

Thank you for the wonderful time we shared last night. I am so glad and grateful to have met you. In those fleeting twelve hours, I have never before connected so thoroughly with another person in every aspect. Emotionally, spiritually, intimately, and physically.

Please know that my quiet departure is not because of a fault on your part. You were an amazing friend and lover, and I can't conceive a more thoughtful and passionate man with whom to spend that special one night. How I wish we could spend several more like the one we had. But I am at a crossroad in my life, struggling to find my place in the world, and before I can do that, I should not place myself in dependence of someone else.

After waking up and reading this letter, I hope you take a nice long shower. Then, please, throw this letter away, and forget about me. I'm not worth another second on your mind. You should share your passionate soul with someone else, someone who would better appreciate you, because you're more than a one night courtship. For that lucky person, you're a companion for life.

So, please, forget about me. However, I know deep down that I will never forget you!




Anonymous said...

Man, in a fantasy, aren't you allowed to spend twelve YEARS with him? Live it up!

Lecteur parisien

Anonymous said...

Im Tysons x gf. He would NEVER hang out with gay guys like that. what a gross thing to say about somebody who is so nice to gay people. his best friend is gay. this whole thing just goes to show what people will do to get a little attention.


Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...


If I could direct you to the very top of the post where it says *fiction, make-believe, NOT reality-based* which has been up there since this post was published.

This is not the New York Times, nor is it a tabloid mongering rumors-as-truth. It's a blog, so I don't see why anybody would take anything I say seriously.

I'm not mentally unstable enough to send Tyson 'the letter' or disturb his life in any way. So I don't get what you mean by wanting 'a little attention.' I'm not getting any more attention than the regular viewers of my blog.

I have no intention of debasing Tyson's character. I'm glad to know that he is such a cool guy. If he should ever know about this post, I hope all he does is laugh it off.

Now, tell me, Kati, are you more upset by the content that I wrote, or that I'm a guy?

Anonymous said...

Probably the fact ure a guy :P