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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Personal Assistant: Ryan Vigilant

*fantasy = fiction*

It's great to be working and making money! It's great to climb that corporate ladder. Great to be the envy of everyone in town. Great to drive my BMW or Audi, when I'm not being driven in a Rolls Royce. But perhaps the best thing about making it big is now I get to choose an underling. My very own personal assistant.

When Ryan Vigilant walked into my office and handed me his resume, I hired him on the spot! I didn't even look through his folder.

Seems like a pretty rash decision, for sure. But when someone this pretty shows up in your life, how can you turn him away?

Thankfully, Ryan never made me regret my decision. He is exceptional in every respect. He's always doing more than I ever asked of him. He manages and schedules all my meetings so early and effectively, sometimes a year in advance. And he sure knows how to make a good cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to lose him soon. Ryan says he wants to go into modeling. God knows he's gonna do phenomenally, and I wish him all the best. But damn, I will miss him!

Hey, perhaps, we can trade jobs for a day, and I'll be his personal assistant. I mean, someone's gotta do his hair, dress, and make-up!

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Funfotoguy said...

It's so good to see Definition of a Man back up and running again! I hope your original site gets restored.