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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Other Trainer: Max Wettstein


I cheated! On my personal trainer Bryan Thomas.

Hey, I'm only human. Bryan was out of town for a long time, and I was a man with needs My body was getting restless; I had to work off the built up tension, even if that meant working out alone. So for a week, I went to the gym alone.

Then one day, Max Wettstein walked through the doors of my gym and changed everything. He noticed I was struggling with my bench press and came over to spot me. One thing led to another, things started to snowball, and I established another professional relationship with Max.

I don't regret my unfaithfulness. Now that Bryan has returned, I have two absolutely great trainers, and I'm in the best shape of my life!







Mum2 said...

I like this man so much..I adore his muscles!!

j said...

Wow! I found your [new] blog. I can't believe your [old] blog was flagged as it was very "PG". Anyways glad I found it and "Yes" I want to hear about the men in your life!