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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Hometown Hero: Holger Lienhard

*all pretend*

I've introduced many heroes in my life, including Nick Auger the Superhero and Bryce Thompson the Action Hero. Today, I'm introducing a hero who does his fine deeds more close to home...

While other men couldn't wait to get out of our small town forever, Holger came back from college to raise his family. His return has been a blessing to our community. He got a job as a rookie deputy and quickly climbed the ranks and became sheriff of our whole county. Throughout his years of law-enforcement, he doesn't just lock up bad people and call it good. No, he takes it a step further and rehabilations them, putting these people who lost their way back on the right track, ensuring that each year, there'll be less and less criminals to put away.

What he does off-duty is even more amazing. He is, first of all, an outstanding family man and loving husband. As soon as his children are old enough to lend a helping hand, he involves them in the many charity work he organized, helping out orphanages, low-income families, and funding our local hospital.

Not a surprise that he is such a beloved figure in this town. From all the work he's done, from his strength and character, from his ability to inspire goodness in everyone he encounters. But most importantly, everyone loves him because he's so friggin hot!

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Anonymous said...

Damn if he doesn't look like Paul Walker's big brother.