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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Favorite DILF: Scot Sanborn


In high school, I had the greatest job in the world. I babysat for Jimmy's dad. The five minutes after I arrived and before he went to work, and the ten minutes when he came home home and chatted with me are truly the most splendid 15 minutes of my Saturday evenings.

Scot was my dad's best friend, and he also happens to be my godfather. He always invited me to picnics at the lake with him and his son, and he was always welcomed in our home.

Baby-sitting and our picnic dates and family dinners were great and all, but I rarely got a chance to spend one on one time with him. So I did the unthinkable and asked to help him out on adding another wing to his ranch and all the other projects he was building around the ranch.

If was hard work, but I gained newfound respect for myself. I got paid, but the reward really was to be working with him so closely and getting to see his shirtless body whenever it got hot outside.

So all throughout high school, I've seen him shirtless at the lake, I've seen him shirtless in the park, I've seen him shirtless in his yard. I've even seen him in nothing but his underwear. But only in my dreams have I seen him shirtless in bed.

It was 3 years later during the summer before my senior year in college that my fantasy finally became reality...!


Eric said...

You can't tell from all those cumbersome clothes he's wearing in the other pictures ^_^...

But wow, is this guy in shape. He's like a walking definition... Or is that definition of a man? :-)

Either way his body definition from top to bottom is perfect. He's built like a Rugby player.

Mum2 said...

A beautiful guy..no doubt..I like so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This guy has been my favorite model for a long time. What a great couple of posts!

Anonymous said...

so fuckin hot- i'd bang him all day