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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Best Friend: Travis Davenport

*this is fiction*

College was a scary transition in my life. I decided to study out of state, and none of my high school friends went with me. I had a hard time forming the few friendships I had in high school, and now I had to start all over again...

I was immediately drawn to Travis when I first saw him walking across the street after class, because 1) he was so pretty and 2) because he was really really really pretty!

As it turned out, we shared a biology lab together. He sat next to me and we were eventually paired as lab partners. After our first 'hello's, we immediately hit it off just like that. Talking to him was like talking to a friend I've known for the longest time. It was easy and effortless. Simply put, we clicked!

As they say, birds of a feather, flock together. So here's what Travis and I have in common that will ensure the longevity of our friendship...

First of all, we both wear glasses, big round ones. But of course, he still looks absolutely gorgeous (or even more so)!

We both share the same not-too-flashy, but comfortable fashion style.

Finally, we also have the same body type...trimmed and lean. (This is actually pretty important because I don't see myself hanging out with hercules-type hunks)!

We've been the closest of friends for five years now, and we are so inseparable that even his twin brother has a hard time pulling us apart. (And I assure you, our friendship is strictly platonic).

*i repeat, this is fiction. the only thing true is that travis does have a twin brother, and he is truly absolutely positively pretty*


Eric said...

Super handsome... I love the first shot.

I've honestly never heard of this guy before.

Eric said...

Scratch that on never having heard of him... I just couldn't put a name to the face :-(