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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Aussie Penpal: Scott McGregor

*This post ~ This whole blog = FICTION = not real*

I briefly met this cute Australian guy named Scott McGregor at a bookstore. He says he's a model and actor, and was on vacation. He seemed cool and friendly enough, so we hitted off real well and decided to keep in contact. We've been writing to each other for more than a year now, slowly building a very strong friendship. Like icing on the cake, he attaches pictures of himself with every letter he sends.

Often, he's in a very giddy mood. His writing is playful and funny, and he would send me pictures of his incredibly cute smile.

Other times, he's calm and collected, contemplative and thoughtful in his writing. And he would send me pictures that reflect that.

Yet, other times, he's quite the wild boy! Sending some over the top (but very hot pictures)!

And on occasions, he is extemely flirty. I mean, XTremely flirt! Sending me pictures that made me blush!

Perplexed by these strange mood swings, I wrote him a letter asking if he was bipolar or had multiple personality disorder or something (although I worded it a lot more nicely!) He replied, and to my shock, I found out that the Scott McGregor I met at the bookstore last year was one of an identical quadruplet!

I'm planning on taking a trip to the land down under to meet all four of them, and guess I'll just have to sleep my way through them to find the real Scott!


david said...

The smiling pics remind me of Christopher? Gorman, star of Harper's Island, who has a simial almost faceslicing grin.

Anonymous said...

He is really cute, you have got a good taste for models.

Regards from Spain.