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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Men In My Life Review

If I had my way, September 2009 would have been less stressful. This blog would still be over at http://defineaman.blogspot.com, and I wouldn't have to beg every blog to update their links. If it were up to me, I'd still have the 3000+ visitors a day, and not have to settle for 1200.

But then again. If the original blog hadn't been flagged, I wouldn't have realized how amazingly loyal my fans are. I wouldn't have learned how tight this blogging community is. Nor would I get to witness my blogmates coming through for me.

More than deeply touched, I want to thank everyone, readers and blogmates, for making this transition run so smoothly.

This was a busy month, and so let's take a look at all the guys who made each day so great.

Starting off with my favorite of the bunch...

Chad Pinther <3!


Richard said...

Glad your back. This is one of my favorite blogs. Love the design, the choice of pictures and your comments. I was so disappointed when I couldn't access it any more. This morning I finally googled "definition of a man" hoping there was a new blog somewhere. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great blog. It's something to look forward to each morning. The men in your life - Tobias, Chad Pinther, Scott Sanborn, Bradly Tomberlin, and the rest of the men are all delicious!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're still posting! Only, your pictures used to enlarge to crisp, beautiful HD pictues; now many of them open a bit blurry.
Still, love your blog(s)

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

richard, glad you found this blog again. make sure to review what you missed this month.

sassy - thanks for checking in every morning.

eddie - i've noticed the slight degradation of quality too. i'm not sure why that is. it might have to do with picasa web album. or it could be that the quality of the source that i got it from was not good to begin with. could you give me a few examples of images that you think isn't as great as it should be?

Anonymous said...

Kenneth, I am also very glad I found you again, I was very upset when I thought I lost your blog as I also feel this is one of the very best out there in cyberspace. The only add to your amazing list for me would be Philip Fusco, but other than that add, your list is Excellent and I agree with you about Chat being at the top right behind Phil for me. Thank you!


Marc said...

you inspired me to make my own blog, so for that im grateful! and i still love coming to your blog for my daily fixes!


Anonymous said...

God, I was so shaken up when the old domain was down. I thought I'd never be able to find your blog again. :(

I searched every nook and cranny and fortunately find you again :)

Anonymous said...

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