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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Man of the Weekend: Scot Sanborn

The idea behind the theme "The Men in my Life" is to feature a different guy for each day of this month, but I'm breaking the rules a little and featuring the same guy for two consecutive days. Why? Because I found some great pictures of Scot Sanborn, and he totally deserves two days of admiration.

Gorgeous golden hair, tender blue eyes, and 6 foot 2 inches tall, this man is just that...a MAN. He obviously isn't in his early twenties anymore, but the fine lines he's picked up over the years only contribute greater depth to his beauty.

I don't toss the 'H' word around a lot, but Scot is the handsomest blond guy I've ever seen.
Instead of leaning on a wall, why not lean on me, Scot?

What's that, a ring on his finger? Why must every good man be taken?

A guy who can wear plaid. Totally gorgeous!

My Definition of a Man!

That last picture is supposed to entice you for tomorrow's shirtless post! Did it work?


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Lez Hard said...

J'adore la dernière photo.
Thanks kenneth , I love the pic with the horse and Scot Sanborn.