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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Straight Mates

No, I'm not succumbing to Google's conservative views on sexuality. I just happen to enjoy the masculine-feminine dynamics of straight coupling.

Especially when the guy is as gorgeous as our Man of the Week, what's not to like?

Francis Cadieux worships female feet! (But I worship all of him!)

Travis Wolfe, steaming it up!

Ubiquitous Tom Brady. Ellis McCreadie (with long hair).

John Kenney with a damn, lucky girl!

Chris Star.

Chemistry, by photog Dan Skinner.


papyrus of ani said...

What do you mean Google's conservative views on Sexuality? are they homophobic? (if so I am not using Google any more)

BTW- excellent site! Thank you for all the pictures you post.

Eric said...

Your intuition is starting to scare me Kenneth. You've just featured part of one of my upcoming posts :(... again... (Judging from the theme currently going on my blog I think you can guess who).

Nevertheless, very hot post. I tend to think the male/female chemistry works better in photographs than male/male... But that's just my opinion ^_^

jahhy said...

Well, a different post...