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Monday, August 31, 2009

Men in My Life, the First List

The whole month of June of 08, I ran a list of many of my favorite guys and the important positions they hold in my *fantasy* life. It was all for fun (though I've had comments months later where some people believe I actually know these guys in real life). I just want to make it clear, that this is all blogging fiction. I like to do these running themes because it challenges my creativity and always makes me dig deeper for great pictures to share with you guys.

The following guys were part of my first list.

Brett Hollands. So handsome and perfect!

Nick Auger. So Super!

Tyler Lough. So Hot!

David Entinghe. Soooooooooooooo pretty!

Brandon Stoughton. Garrett Neff. Robert Buckley. So posey!

Benjamin Godfre. Andrew Cooper. Ambrose Olsen. So badass (in a good way)!

Lee Williams. So Talented!

Next month (tomorrow), I will start a new set of Men in my Life! And trust me, just because they're part of the second list doesn't mean they're second rate!


David said...

What a great spread of handsome hunks.

Anonymous said...

Never saw Lee Williams's stuff before. He looks like the love child of Jake Gylenhaal + Orlando Bloom.

Anonymous said...

love your list. you just need to turn into one of them and we could date. :) but.. seriously? jake gyllenhaal??? where was he? hope he's on your next list. :D

Anonymous said...

Tyler Lough is so beautiful always. Thanks for the pictures.