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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

John Kenney Running

Now that I'm back in my college town, getting ready for another year of school, I've been totally enjoying all the male joggers strutting around on campus!

John Kenney here represents the ideal running eye-candy. A great smile to compliment his confident stride, arms pumping with loosely closed fists, attractive shorts to show off his thighs and calves, low-cut socks to show off his ankles. What am I forgetting...oh yeah, and of course, shirtless!

Not that John has to be running on grass to look great...here he is just standing on a roof, gazing into the distance...and he still looks like perfection!

*Here's the part where I get a little possessive. I did buy that issue of Runner's World just to be able to scan the cover for you guys, so please please give credit to me. Also, I must thank DNA Models for providing such HQ polaroids of John...If only other model agencies were as generous (ahem, talking to you there L.A. Models)*