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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Husband in Another Life: Chad Pinther

Well, Brett Hollands is already my husband in this life and I'm completely committed to him. And Chad Pinther seems extremely happy with his wife and family. But perhaps in another life, the stars will align for Chad Pinther and I to be together at last!

So what's my criteria for someone to be my ideal husband (other than being an all-around decent person and personally compatible with me)...

1st, he must be handsome!

Well, that goes without saying! Check!

2nd, he must look exceptional in a suit and tie, because of course, I want to show off my man at formal social gatherings!


3rd, he must look great in casual clothing, because it's the simple way he dresses himself that truly defines who he is.


4th, I'm going to be climbing into bed and lie with this man everynight, so he better look good in bathrobes/PJs/sleeping attire!


5th, he must look great shirtless!


6th. While the other traits are superficial, this is the most important thing of all. I'll accept a man who doesn't meet all the requirements above, but he must, he absolutely must be good with children! Checkmate!

*remember, this a blog for entertainment. the only things that are true in this post is that Chad does have a family and how hot he really is*


Marc said...

what is happening with your other blog? i hope its okay, ive always really enjoyed it!

GayQuizzy said...

Definitely boyfriend material!

Anonymous said...

HA!! I'm his actual family-his wife. You crack me up! Love it!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Hey! Heather!

Wow, thanks for somehow landing on my site.

I hope you have a tight lease on your man, cuz one little slip and I'll snatch him up.

Jokes aside, I hope you didn't mind that I had a link to Chad and your son; I know it's a candid picture and if you don't think it's appropriate, I can totally unlink it.

Best wishes to your whole family!

Anonymous said...

One of your friends is one of my friends on facebook, he does the miles of pride site. He's really nice. anyway, no worries!

GayQuizzy said...

Well "wife", you are very lucky!