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Monday, August 24, 2009

Every Kiss begins with Corbin

Alright, I have to get something off my chest. It's been killing me to have to keep this secret for so long! Okay, here it goes...I watch porn!

Oh my god, it's such a relief to finally admit it! But wait a minute, you're not surprised?

Fine, I bet this is surprising! I always prefer the wideshots that showcases the models/actors' whole bodies and their beautiful movements together, rather than just a closeup of the nasty bits. Yep, if the whole show was completely softcore, I'd still like it!

And here's another thing. My favorite part of any porn is always the kiss! It's what tells me how 'into' each other the guys are; it prepares me for all the hotness that would follow. Lovemaking just isn't complete without a kiss!


Now, about Corbin Fisher!

There's nothing I can say that can't be witnessed by the eyes!
They choose some of the most amazing young American-bred sexually promiscous guys...

...and mix and match them together to create some of the hottest intimate couplings ever!
CF produce some of the most beautiful and truly breathtaking photographsI've ever seen! It's gorgeous to behold! Every shot is a masterpiece.

Below is my favorite kissing photo! The hands really covered all the bases!


Nathan said...

What are the last two's names?

Eric said...

It's funny...

I've subscribed to Corbin Fisher in the past and just went through the whole site saving the kiss photographs.

I'm not too into their videos in particular (not sensual enough), but their photography is phenomenal. It's like a total straight buddies-turned-ultra gay fantasy.

I've always wondered who's responsible for those shots now that I think about it...

Cam said...

I'm exactly the same with porn. When it zooms in on the "action area" for a long period of time, I sometimes find myself looking away. I much prefer longer shots that show everything in the full.

manonearth94 said...

OMG! I'm exactly the same. Softcore, all the way and the kiss is the most important part. Kisses, preferably. If they just zoom in the the tools at work I turn it off.


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Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

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Laurent said...

Corbies are definitely the cutting edge of the kiss market, which has always -- always -- threatened to break out from the bonds of compulsory sophistication at the heart of the American porn culture. But as shrewd as Eric's comment is, I do not think Corbies support a binary (straight or gay) self-image in the projections of the viewer; I think they support the suspension of that dichotomy. They are the avatars of the schoolboy crush and of the schoolboy experiment; they are utterly unconvincing in intercourse and only passingly intriguing in their other oral adventures, which makes their pending joint ventures (excuse the expression) with Bel Ami either promising or flatly ridiculous -- we could be seeing ships passing in the night, or we could be seeing goddypeppy puckyguyness, on the one hand, and abjectly puerile adoration of enthralling dick, on the other, contributing some modicum of sensibility to each other.

But I doubt it. You saw "Rebel without a Cause." Dean was the Corby, Mineo was the BA. How far did they get?

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Duba said...

Why? why can't I have a strait guy looking like that and in love with me?
gays are soooo good with what they do with themselves, I can sit here eating my heart for em ;)

RedCedar said...

Now I understand why I find this blog so hot! You exactly share my tastes.

When the kissing in the foreplay is perfunctory I lose interest in what follows, and if at the end there's evidence of "chemistry" (via pillow talk with intimate kissing) that makes the whole thing that much more hot.

For that reason probably my fav. at CF is the session between Dawson and Austin II. I LOVE the end of that second video from the session!