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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cosmo Manscan September 09 and October 04

Not a whole lotta male hotness in the current issue of Cosmopolitan (though I wouldn't kick this guy out of bed)...

So I'm padding the post with a look back at how California guys looked back in 2004 (remember way back then?)


burning faggot said...

come here bitch: //burningfaggot.blogspot.com/ RIGHT NOW! :-P

Un tipo Cualquiera said...

Me encanta el look que le diste a tu página, realemente te sigo desde hace algunos días y nunca había comentado. Tenemos la misma adicción: los hombres hermosos.

Saludos desde cualquier parte.

I love the look you gave to your page, i'am a follower since four weeks and I have never commented. We have the same addiction: beautiful men.

Greetings from anywhere.


Laurent said...

I am always bemused to find a male blog resorting to the how-to-trick-your-penis-provider advice manuals sold at supermarket check-out counters. But there is a kind of weird push-this-button-and-count-to-5 festishism about these ladies' home handbooks which is chapter-and-verse reminiscent of S&M between gentlemen, without, of course, the competence. In the picture (cute) selected here, there is a Betty Grable coyness about the tease of the shocking goddyasscleft, which is straight out of the S&M jest of genitals impacted by a cockring in a zippered leather pouch. How remote from usefulness can you get?

Even if it could ever be known, what causes heterosexuality, we would still be left with the hilarious anomaly of unmale technicians pushing this button and twisting that knob to operate male ass. And to what conceivable purpose? You might as well go to Paris in August -- when nobody's there.

No offense. You've got a darling blog.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

lol, laurent. i love your comments, even though i barely understand half of it. keep it up.

L said...

Maître, you're 50 percent ahead of me; I don't get any of it, anymore. Mind you, when I was growing up, the feminine marketplace was consumed with correcting the operating blunders of males. What, suddenly, turned that around? 9/11?

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