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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That Thing We Do

I am very fond of this short film! The storyline is nothing revolutionary nor astounding; it's a rather simple coming out story, but it's in the simplicity that I found charming. The dialogue is hit and miss, but it's the moments of silence that captivated me. And there are some sound technical problems (the kid speaks too softly), but it's the visuals that kept my heart fluttering with immense bittersweetness. Not many attractive people in this film, but that makes the hot guy who plays the main character that more much more outstanding.

The second part has some of the most wonderful imageries. My favorite of which is the longshot view of the glimmering lake and the kid walking down the pier to lay his hands and face on his cousin's back...cut to the older guy's surprised but calm reaction. Damn, that was poignant!

Thanks sambag's blog for introducing this short film.

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