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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Man of the Week: Ellis McCreadie

*This post was originally published December 13, 2008. However, I was not very satisfied with the quality of some the images that were available at that time. This week, I've decided to shine an extended spotlight on Ellis McCreadie. Changes to this post includes 'Man of the Day' to 'Man of the Week' in the title, and links to higher resolution images!*

What do you get when you take a beautiful, long-haired guy and cut his hair?
Answer: you get an even more gorgeous short-haired guy!

What do you get when you take a gorgeous model and let him work with legend photographer Bruce Weber?

Answer: you get a guy who's strangely attached to his shirt!?

What do you get when the gorgeous model branches out from his mother company Click Models and recently signs with Major Model Management? Answer: An awesome career move!

*I'm really hoping the new agency will set up a lot of great gigs for Ellis to do*

What do you get when you put a gorgeous model in a clothing catalog?

Answer: brilliant advertisement that benefits everybody involved. The model gets compensation, the company sells clothes, and us fellow bloggers get to marvel~!

What do you get when you put all of the above together?

Answer: Total perfection aka Ellis McCreadie!


DrGaellon said...

He's gorgeous no matter what... but I have a thing for guys with long hair.

Eric said...

I much prefer him with his hair shorter... but I can make an exception when it comes to his long hair :-)

I'm glad he signed on with Major Model... I read about that a couple days ago. It's a great move, now hopefully we'll see more of him from their fantastic photographers...

Ellis is a little bit above doing solely store brand catalog work :-)

Anonymous said...

he looks a bit like rodrigo calazans.

waav said...

he is awesome as is your blog. just signed up to follow. would you want to swap links? peace.

Eric said...

I take back what I said way back in 2008...

He looks great either way ^_^

Krytoh said...

Well, I'm convinced, still. :)

vanilla said...

wow, that 1st photo w/ the surfboard is his best shot ever! but yeah, he looks good no matter how he wears his hair... he still kinda reminds me of james van der beek, tho. maybe a prettier version. :D