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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Super Parker

This is mild-mannered, unassuming boy-next-door Parker...

At the call of the police siren, Parker quickly sheds his shirt and pants...

And dons his cap and belt...to go save the world from illegal parking!

Exhausted...after a long day of writing parking tickets!


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Kost's Polaroid portrayals are so damned hot. The models aren't re-touched like we're accustomed to seeing them; the focus isn't even always perfect. But they look so damned good for some reason. And there's something rawly, voyeuristically arousing about them. You get the sense that Jeremy's like "Hey take your clothes off and let me take some snapshots. Here, try these briefs on and stand over there." That sort of thing. I hope he gets to have some sex with them too, cause that's part of the sense you get.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Talk about hot body!