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Friday, June 5, 2009

Straight Virus Strikes Back

I thought...I really thought I had purged myself of the straight virus. I thought all the meditations, all the prayers, all the self-torture had cleansed my soul of that dreadful heterosexual beast inside me. But alas, the pathogen has returned with a vengeance. I am sicker than ever, and the only therapy I can think of is to share my anguish with you guys. Let us endure the pain together...the pain of watching a man sexing a woman...and hopefully, we will heal together!

Let's start off with one of my favorite men. Hugh Feist.

Oliver Cheshire. Thanks Abercrombie Modelnize for the name.

One of the hottest pix of Chris Pine!

Hugh Feist (again). Chris B.

Jisliain Duval.

Breck Orshal. Like WHOA!

Interesting pose!

Ending with Hugh Feist, again!


Anonymous said...

can i get chris b's full last name? he's super hot. i'd love to find more of him

Patagonian Man said...

I´d preffer the photos with guys only.... Anyway, this ones are too sexy!!!!

orangellama said...

I knew it, Breck Orshall used to be Gabe on corbinfisher, so there is footage of him diving into homo waters.

Justin said...

These are gorgeous Kenneth!

Ayan said...

Hey, who's that guy in the black n' white photo? Do ur research plz! Don't be lazy!! :)

Eric said...

Hugh Feist is super hot... and I love that playful shot with Janez.

Ha, I'd forgotten shots with men and women could be hot too :-P

Anonymous said...

Andy Walker is also known as Dane Dekota in the English Lads Site! Very Hot!

Laurent said...

Oliver Cheshire's boybreast breaks my heart. Or was it his smile? No, but close, though.