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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Party of 3

Beautiful. Artistic. Arousing.

Click on the picture to reveal more!


David said...

Certainly arousing!!!!!! Things are looking up- lol

SirPercy said...

that/those is/are the first penis/penises i have seen on this site.

what changed? i'm not opposed, but i'm all for not having to show full nudity for a man to be considered arousing. i guess you know this better than anyone... based on your artistic displays in the past and your careful planning of photo sequencing and the "slow reveal".

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

lol, sirpercy. this is not the first time i posted nudity on my site.


i do it very rarely and only when i think it's not too raunchy. and everytime i do so, i cross my fingers that no one will report the site for its content.

this picture went with the three guys in black&white photo theme

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

so starting chronologically (according to when I post them), it is kinda like a slow reveal

SirPercy said...

i see. i wasn't subscribing that far back.

no worries about losing a reader or being reported, it was just a little surprising to see this... this is my "clean" subscription, if you catch my drift. thanks for all you do to keep it classy.

SirPercy said...

1. you're only 22?!
2. i love that your favorite is rafael verga... he's been my "ideal man," my standard for other models, for around 6 years now. drop-dead gorgeous.
3. "just beautiful men" is my other clean blog sub. never seen a man's privates there either...

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

1) yes i am

2) rafael is one hell of a sexy guy, although he's not in my top ten favorite models of all time. however, that nude picture of him has got to be among the top 5 favorite photographs of all time.

3) i'm a great fan of "just beautiful men" as well, probably longer than you have cause i've noticed some full frontal nudity every now and then

a site that promises no male frontal nudity...absolutely never ever...is hansisgreat...which happens to be a great blog

Anonymous said...

that's what i'm talking about. classy pictures with artistic merit that display the human form without the annoying bother of covering up things. it's art and human beauty at it's fullest and most enjoyable. thank you for the picture. it made my day

Anonymous said...

where is this pic from? Where can you find more of this trio? Beautiful!

Anonymous said...