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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A belated Cosmo ManScan

This was from the January issue of Cosmo. Totally regret missing the chance to buy that one! (Especially since it was the month of my birthday!)

So...which showering stud do you prefer?

Question 1

How do YOU shower?
Few times a week
Marathon shower
Several times a day

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Question 2

Who do you want to shower with?
Sudsy stud
Dry guy
Wet hunk
Mr. Toweled

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David said...

I'll change to marathon showers if any of those guys would come in with me! :-) Though sudsy stud would be my favourite. (Note correct spelling of favourite - I am from Canada ay)

Galdio said...

Magazines invent the lamest excuses to show flesh...!

But, who can blame them!

Thanks for sharing all this showeriness ;D

Eric said...

Um, lol... a few times a week?

Ugh, sounds like Robert Pattinson :-(

I wouldn't mind showering with Mr. top right though :-)