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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beautiful Form

This is Brazilian gymnast Diego Hypolito...the only male gymnast from his country who competed at the Beijing Olympics last summer.

You probably haven't heard of him because he didn't medal. Although he qualified at 1st place to the final rounds, a misstep led to his 6th place finish in floor exercise.

That's a shame too. Standing 5 foot 7 inches, Diego is at the taller end of the gymnast stature spectrum. I believe his height adds much to the beauty of his form, and it's always a pleasure to watch an athlete articulate poetry through his movement.

I'm always gonna be rooting for my American men of course, but if Diego can prove himself in the future, I'd be very happy to see him medal in international competitions.


Eric said...

I'm convinced there is no such thing as a gymnast who isn't hot :-)

Loopino said...

As a Brazilian man, I can say: Diego IS an international medalist... gold medal in Melbourne 2005, gold medal in Shangai 2006, gold medal in Rio 2007 and probably many others. oh... he IS hot and here in Brazil everybody thinks that he is gay.