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Friday, June 19, 2009

About Face

What is it about the face of a man that captivates us so? The dreamy eyes, the lustrous lips, the impeccable cheekbones, the magnificent jawline? The best answer is the combination of all this, and more. They say that first impressions occur within the first 45 seconds of meeting someone, and I would daresay the face is a big...if not biggest...factor of it all.

All of us can build our ideal body if we try hard enough, but a great face really comes down to genetics. It's truly heaven's gift for lucky men...and the following men are pretty damn gifted!


David said...

What a plethora of guys with great faces Kenneth!!! Thank God for such beauty and sexiness in the face.

Anonymous said...

you forgot to add Joshua Rovni

Hawk said...

well done!