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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


If I were wearing him, I'd be smiling too!

His name is Pedro Andrade. Source: Televisionista.

One of the hottest cover of any magazine I've ever seen! With T.J. Allers.


Jon said...


Leg-fan said...

He is extremely beautiful !!!

Eric said...

That Joe Boxers pose is one of my favorite classic poses:

Pose 1Pose 2...but yeah, this guy sis incredibly gorgeous. If but only I could get that advocate shot without all the writing :-(

Eric said...

Lol, I just read the advocate cover. Gay men sniff each other out??

What the hell? o_0

Hard Wears said...

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Muscleboy said...

The blond is cute but the brunette has a horseface. Sorry :/