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Friday, May 8, 2009

Man of the Weekend: Vladimir Ivanov

From Russia, with love! Vladimir was actually raised in the US, yet he's still one exotic beauty!

Currently one of the most worked models, Vladimir is here to stay!

With his wide selection of beautiful photos, I'm thinking it'll take 3 days to cover his beauty.

So get ready, people, to have a truly beautiful weekend!


JAYSON said...

Vladimir HAD to come from St Petersburg. I have traveled there and the streets are paved with the most beautiful young men I have ever seen. The complexion flawless, beautiful eyes and smiles than dampen your CK Briefs

Anonymous said...

i have never been so turned on by collar bones. The last pictures in the blue v-neck! those collar bones are gorgeous, as ridiculous as that may sound haha. (not to mention his beautiful cheek bones)

Chrisalti said...

une vrai gueule d'amour

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