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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Man of the Weekend: Luke Hahle

Raised in a small Iowa town called Maquoketa in a family among four other brothers, Luke Hahle was naturally immersed in a competitive, active athletic lifestyle, and easily transferred his passion for achievement to his modeling career.

Modeling for 7 years now, from his A&F beginnings to his appearance in Cosmo's Guy Without His Shirt, Luke has amassed quite an impressive portfolio.
Each picture just gets better than the last!

Too too lovely! More splendidness of this astonishing guy tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! Would love to see more!

chandasoa7 said...

how sexy you are

asianteenager said...

you so handsome guy, I love you

Anonymous said...

great post. i've always thought he's under-appreciated.....thanks very much for all you posted! Ben

Anonymous said...

Strange l00king fellow.