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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Man of the Moment: Jason Sarcinelli

Jason is a 30-year old model/actor based in LA.
He has a Model Mayhem portfolio as well as a Myspace page.

A tall handsome man with a magnificent body. And the most beautiful blue eyes.

Did I mention he looked good in tight undies?

Did I also mention that he looks even better wearing nothing at all? (And yes, he does smile!)

Like I said, he's an actor as well...here is a video montage of his work.


Galdio said...

Such a perfect body, all tall, chiseled and stylized.

But that face... Yes, he has unique blue eyes, but the expression's kind of dull.

He's a Handsome Man anyway, there's no doubt on that!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

His physique is near perfect.

But I have a complaint:

Please don't link to photos taht don't have a thumbnail in the post.
I tend to not see them.

That's what the guy over at justbeautifulman does and I might have lost out on a lot of great photographs it seems.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

hmm, why can't you see some of the pictures? what web browser do you use?

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Anonymous said...


No, sorry.
I CAN see all the pics, but the "he does smile"-Pic is only linked and not thumbnailed and I tend to not realise the links.

Anonymous said...

Jason is just amazing!!!
Have you seen those feet and toes!?!? Gorgeous!!
Danny (always crazy about guy's feet)

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yosemi mutul said...

you can see him in sex scens in Emmanuelle Through Time he´s awesome