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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Man of the Day: Chris Pine

In honor of what promises to be an epic cinematic event opening tomorrow, this post is devoted to the extraordinary leading man...whose face is probably now more well-known than his name: Chris Pine.

Those brilliant blue eyes, that sexy smirk. This man is gorgeous on the level of unfairness.

Hey Chris! Stop usurping the beauty of this world, and share it with us, will ya?

How did he end up with the role of Captain James T Kirk? Read this and find out.

*Thank the heavens he chose the right role*

The whole trailer looks exciting, but in all honesty...

...this is the scene I'm most looking forward to in the movie.

But this isn't the only flick where Chris is known to get shirtless!

Case in Point #1: Blind Dating (2007)

Case in Point #2: From Just My Luck (2006)

Chris played a gay role in made for TV movie Surrender Dorothy (2006).

Chris's last name means to "yearn deeply; suffer with longing..." which is sadly appropriate...

...because at the end of the day...unlike these girls, I could never get the chance to be with him.

Thanks Carol, for running such a great fansite for him!


Eric said...

Surrender Dorothy? I've never heard about that... :-S

It's funny, lol, from those pictures he totally doesn't come across gay in bed. Although he has in the past said he's had a ton of mancrushes so you never know ^_^

Also I can't believe Roger Ebert was one of four people who gave this movie a bad review. It's so unlike him.

Fred said...

And in French, his last name means "dick" ;-)

Nathan said...

I fell in love with him on Blind Dating.

David said...

Is the other guy in 'Surrender Dorothy'
Tom Everett Scott? Whoever he is he is hot too.

Anonymous said...

I've never noticed it before until seeing Star Trek but Chris sure has a lot of acne scars, I mean seriously a lot.

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