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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yesterday, I called Toby Barnett the Benjamin Godfre from down under.

Hopefully, now you get what I mean!


Anonymous said...

benjamin godfre is GODDDD!!! and this guy ... omg. he's like jesus. :) fucking hot. i want them all up on my shit. get me more pics of this hot hunky slice ot MEAT. :D

Galdio said...

Holy Gosh and all the Cherubims of Heaven!! He's a stunning man of an astonishing beauty!! (he got me stuck in the first picture for a few seconds).

Could anyone melt from the sight of this man getting out of the water? I think that'd be more than feasible!

Thanks for the set!

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I have always loved aussiebum. Unfortunatly I never look as good in what I buy as the modles...lol but its always a workin progress.

Anonymous said...

More Toby, PLEASE !!!

Anonymous said...

Well have to say looking at these pics does give me insentive to try harder but truth be told we could work our asses off at the gym and still not achive a body like this dude has. That saying " don't look in beauty magazines they will only make you feel ugly" definatly true ! lol

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