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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Man of the Week: Luke Hahle

This post, originally published 5/25/09, entitled "All Hail Luke Hahle," is now updated with links to really huge pix in efforts to kick off a fantastic week with my favorite Luke in the whole-wide-world at center stage.

Some people might take it for granted, but I believe being able to look good in black and white is harder than looking good in full color!

Fortunately, Luke is one of those models who makes the most of the color palette. And as luck would have it, his proudest works were some of these black and white shots by Tony Duran.

For more details about this gorgeous man's personal life, read his interview with covermenmag.
FYI: This is not the first time Luke has appeared on this blog. He was featured back in December 2007, showing off his buttocks!

If you can stand the singing of that lady (turn down the volume so your ears won't bleed), this video might be fun to see Luke in bed (and a little bit furry!)


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Anonymous said...

good looking guys, but wow the singing woman is sooo bad and ugly, wonder how she got such a good looking dude to be in her vid

Krytoh said...

Thanks for the interview link!

Anonymous said...

Love Luke, but that is one horrible song.

alex said...
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