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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Working It Out Part 3

Max Wettstein tells us you don't need machines or weights to keep your body in tip top shape. Your own body weight combined with physics can produce some of the toughest exercises. The 'Up Trifecta' are three of the most basic techniques around.

First, Max illustrates the SIT-UP. For abs and obliques.

Nick Auger doing crunches.

Theo Theodoridis likes to listen to music while doing them.

Next, we got the PULL-UP. For the whole upper body.

Finally, the PUSH-UP. For arms and chest.

This is Stefan Talian.


That's the last of the workout posts! Hope you enjoyed it!


Krakenbwool said...

God, I love this series! I admit I get excited when I see Nick Auger anywhere (seriously, what happened to the guy?) Thanks for all the wonderful pics.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i saw a series with the guy on the right, his name was barry tinley. i dont know if that is right or not, but that is what it was labeled