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Monday, April 27, 2009

Modeling with Clothes On?

Catalog modeling seems kinda novel and bold when you consider the prominent display of shirtlessness in today's advertisement. But I believe the test of a great model is his ability to work and actually 'sell' his clothes. The following men know how to do just that!

Let's start with the first Man of the Month: Brett Hollands.


Rainbow said...

Good! As you well know, clothing can sometimes be much more sexy than full nudity!

Krytoh said...

I really love shots of guys pulling their shirts off or unbuttoning them. It's like, "look what I've got for you!"

Deronda said...

wow! Tobias Jenkins is hotttt!!

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I've seen these guys so often shirtless (or clothed even less), that these clothes honestly look ridiculous on them relative to the beauty of their unclothed bodies.

The genius of the AF approach is that good advertising is aspirational rather than accurate.

Galdio said...

My choice from this catalog: Maxwell's blue striped polo, Stan's "block" tee, Tobias' orange shirt and Chad's white hoody!

Poor Drew Van Acker got the wrong clothes. He's really cute and all, but those tops of his sister look unsellable to me!

I like your philosophy: Beautiful men are beautiful in all their expressions (dressed, undressed, half dressed...). That's why I keep coming back :D

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