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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Modeling with Clothes Off!

Sex Sells.

To deny a man's greatest liberty--the right to bare all, or at least, get as bare as catalog modeling allows--is just plain wrong! So here are some of guys from two days before, as well as a few others, modeling only in undies or swimwear. Enjoy!

Former Man of the Month: Chad Pinther!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Post Kenneth, Love Chad in the first photos!

I have a request for a man of the week if you would entertain this. My Favorite model is and will always be Philip Fusco (www.phil4U.blogspot.com) as he is just simply Beautiful. Any chance of seeing him as a man of the week some day soon?

Thanks for listening

Anonymous said...

Good point, Kenneth! If you are blessed with exceptionally good looks, be aware that they will inevitably fade over time. Sure, you can remain a fit, sexy, beautiful person well into your 30's, but your prime years only last for a brief period.
My advice is to get yourself photographed nude, in your full glory while you can. Believe me, you will treasure these images even if they are only for yourself.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...


i know you're a big fan of phil. i am too. i can easily make him a man of the day, or even man of the weekend.

but in order to make him man of the week...i need to find pictures of him that i know few other blogs have posted.

i know it's a lame excuse to not post a guy as hot as phil, but i also have another reason

believe it or not, i've scheduled my post well in advance (everyday til the end of august) and rescheduling these posts can be a hassle, especially now that the end of school is coming to a head, i have to focus on my studies

i promise you'll will see plenty of phil this summer, even if he's not a man of the week

Galdio said...

Every day 'till the end of august?? My Gosh! That's going 4 month ahead! Amazing!

Anonymous said...


That is perfectly fine and I thank you for the very nice response. I admit I have seen just about every photo Phil has floating around on the net so I bet you would not find anything I have not seen before. I appreciate your feedback and I will look forward to seeing him here and there on your excellent blog. Keep up the wonderful work as this is one of my all-time favorite blogs on the net. Thanks Kenneth!


William said...

Stan Jouk is a marvel, he looks so perfect. I also like Drew Van Acker a lot.

Anonymous said...

...they are all beautiful! Gorgeous actually! But I wish I could see their feet! I loved the pics of Michael Brager and Ryan Vigilant, precisely because we can see their feet and, God, they have amazing feet! Also Stan Jouk!! Really nice feet!
Thanks for this post! Loved it!

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