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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Michael Brent Part 3

Even with a plain background...

...the mark of an awesome model is that he can easily fill the void with his extraordinary presence.

And Michael Brent is a natural in that regard!

Hmm, he's sorta smiling in that picture below.

Here's a full smile! And here's another!

Always end with a bang! I hope the last three photos do justice!

Please visit portraitfolio.com, virulent valmont, brent dundore, j boettner for more great pics.


Galdio said...

Having seen this "oh so sexy" man in so many poses and faces makes it difficult to choose a fave picture.

But I guess the last set's the best. I love him with that messy light brown hair falling to his forehead. It looks perfect with his slightly boyish features and those piercing blue eyes.

Thanks for the discover.

Krytoh said...

Sexy shots!

Marc said...

the first pic is very hot <3

Leon Koh said...

Glad to have surf into your blog.. lovely pics!!! will be back for more read


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