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Monday, April 13, 2009

Man of the Week: Hugh Feist

If you search Hugh Feist with Google Images, the very top results are indeed from this site! I'm gonna brag and say that's because I was one of the very first blogs to feature him! Now that he's steadily rising in popularity and more and more blogs are featuring him, I couldn't be happier for his success!

As luck would have it, I've found pictures straight from his modeling agencies (Louisa Models and NEXT) that no other blogs have featured before. So please respect my efforts and mention this blog if you use any of the images.

Stick around, I promise, this guy will blow you away by the end!


Steve said...

He's been a favorite for a long time. Thanks for featuring him. Looking forward to more.

Krytoh said...

I'm hooked :)

damian@gaytraveller said...

Hugh oozes sexiness!

Great photos!



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