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Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally, A Handsome Kenneth

For the longest time, I questioned why I chose 'Kenneth' as my screen alias. Although the name has an Irish origin meaning 'handsome, good-looking,' the Kenneths I know in real life were brainy and nerdy, not necessarily hot. On TV, we got 30 Rock's infamous dorktastic page Kenneth Parcell. The only hot Kenneth I know is Jay Kenneth Johnson...except that's actually his middle name. Oh, and Kenneth in the (212) isn't half-bad himself.

All the disillusionment in my name washed away when I discovered Kenneth Beck! Finally, a Kenneth in the modeling industry I could proudly share my name with. And without stretch of the imagination, I would daresay he is one of the most handsome man I've ever laid eyes on!

Unfortunately, I don't know much about this Kenneth, other than that he's Australian and represented by Chadwick! :-(

If anyone knows more details about this man, please share!


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Merle Dean Shamblin and I would like to be your new friend. I sure could use somebody to chat with. I am a 48 year old long haul truck driver who currently lives in Weatherford Oklahoma. Dec 8th 1960 I was born in Fairview Oklahoma. Moved to Caddo and Washita counties where I attended school at Colony Hydro and Weatherford. My parents Malvin and Wanda Shamblin were cotton and peanut farmers. Dad died in 99 from lung cancer. Graduated from SWOSU with a business degree. My two sisters are LaDonna Hubert and Malva Burrahm. Dennis is my brother. I have been a truck driver for 15 years and have driven 2 million paid miles. I have received many safe driving awards over the years. I am single and have never been married. I have a wide range of interests and am pretty much an open book. Currently I drive a 2006 Freightliner for a major carrier. I dont go to Canada very often. I dont have a dedicated route so I run the entire lower 48. I enjoy reading cinema music sports travel etc. I am gay and seeking travel buddies

ZEKE AZURA said...

Kenneth - I assume you realize its challenging following the comment above. But, I shall march forward. As a man "kinda" in the Men's Fashion Business, I have known of Kenneth Beck for some time. He is as charming as he is beautiful. I think he is one of the best looking male models in town. Your blog is wonderful, you have excellent taste for one as young as you. Plus your intelligence shines through all you touch!
Regards - Zeke

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Merle, thanks for your candidacy. I'm glad to know I have fans from all different backgrounds. I'm also relieved to know that you're a safe driver as those big rigs can be a bit intimidating on the highway sometimes. I hope you find all the happiness you deserve and a soul mate for life!

Zeke, I always try to believe that a hot guy has personality to match, even when I realize sometimes that is not the case. Thanks for confirming positively that Kenneth is a great man from within and without.

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Galdio said...

There's no Keneth at all were I live, but I'd be plenty glad to know one if it was to be like THIS one.

And isn't it just great that he's not only handsome but also a nice person? Mother Nature can be so clever sometimes.

Anyways, I think what I love most on this man is his natural looks. He doesn't artificial or obscene which is something to be grateful.

Thanks for the finding!