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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bobby's Sunday

I was a bit busy (and lazy) yesterday, so my apologies if I didn't meet the required 'word quotient' to admire this too-too cute young man. Bobby Blanski of course deserves a little bit of my time and effort so let me elaborate on what I said yesterday.
Bobby is a model and aspiring actor. He doesn't have much to his credit right now in terms of acting, but he sure has acquired some beautiful images of himself over the few short years he's been modeling.

The clip from yesterday should have clued us in that Bobby was a college student, at least in 2007, and he even has a facebook. (I added him as a friend, let's see if he'll accept! *crosses fingers*)

Bobby is a good pouter as required for modeling, but it's his sweet smile that totally wins my heart.


David said...

Bobby certainly makes this Sunday worth while. What a great smile!

queer heaven said...

I have not posted a comment in awhile...That does not mean that I do not check your blog out daily! Always a good job.! and oh, Bobby is totally beautiful!

Galdio said...

He's such a sexy cuty, and you're right: his smile could melt icebergs.

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Anonymous said...

When I saw the first picture I thought it was River Phoenix.

Anonymous said...


c'mon people!