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Friday, March 27, 2009

International Max

Sincere gratitude to homotrophy for presenting a great collection of this Levi's underwear ad...

Without that piece of info, I wouldn't have bothered to check the International Jock website to find more of Maxwell Zagorski! Yes indeed, ahem, Eric, they're LARGE HQ pix too!!!


David said...

So many beautiful guys. So little time to look +

Eric said...

Perfection has been achieved... Wow!

Eric said...

Oh, and yes, I noticed the size. I was going to use them as a wallpaper for my iphone, but these are huge enough to make them into a real wallpaper for my comp :-)

Very nice indeed ^_^

Anonymous said...

But Kenneth, let's find out who the guy in the Armani Extreme commercials is, shall we?
Yes we shall, pretty please with frosting!