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Friday, March 13, 2009

If Looks Could Kill

He catches you staring at him from across the room; he smiles and offers a cursory nod. Blushing, you look away, returning your focus to the group you're with. Though you try to fight it, your willful eyes gradually sweeps to the left and you find yourself looking at him again. This time, his radiant face had darkened by growing shadows. His eyes deepened and narrowed, peering through the upper corner of their sockets, he was purposely and unapologetically staring straight at you! Dark eyebrows come together, his lips pursed, his jaws tightened. He was no longer smiling. It's a look that startles yet fascinates you at once.

Suddenly, everyone around you disappears; their voices fade away. And you find yourself standing in a big dark room without any visible walls. In this vast black space it's just you and him, not more than ten feet apart.

The intensity of his gaze only increases with each beat of your pulse. In total darkness, the edge of his face looks rough and menacing. His eyes burn, no longer merely gazing at your exterior, but rather digging deeper into you, exposing your vulnerable soul. This is quickly turning from a case of nerves to startling fascination to full-blown-terror.

You want to flee, but you can't move. His hypnotic eyes have a paralyzing affect on you. Your heartbeat quickens as he draws closer. Trapped in his gaze, spellbound. Slightly touching your arm, he manages to draw the heat right from your blood. Barely brushing a finger against your lips, he easily steals the breath right out of your lungs. A part of you want to cry for help, yet every other part of you wants him to have his way with you...

He wraps his fingers around your throat and squeezes tight. Now, even if you really wanted to cry for help, you can't. Only a few seconds of struggling to pry him away before you give up. Succumbing, fully and willingly to his deadly seduction...

And then you open your eyes and realize that, hey, you're only reading some BS written by a guy who has too much time on his hands...whose wasting your time when all you want to do is look at pictures of gorgeous men.

So...let's get right to it!

A far cry from his usual light-hearted, charming, and sometimes goofy persona, our Man of the Week turns on the sex factor and sets his eyes too stun!!!

Jared Koronkiewicz knows how to flirt with the camera!

With his facial structure, Ryan Cross can kill with a quick glance, barely trying.

As if his eyes aren't deadly enough, Thor Knai has sharp props!

Photographer Scott Hoover captures Chris Connell at his deadliest angle!

Sebastien Rulli amps up his deadly Italian charm!

Looks like Tym Roders has the license to kill.

Beiron Anderson and the look that will knock you over!

David Shaver can see through steel with his searing gaze.

Brodie just loves to 'milk' the limelight!

One of my favorite guys that Tom Cullis has shot Clay Adler!

As if he isn't hot enough already, Matt Stone has to suck us in with his eyes.

Ryan Vigilant shows that you can look to the side and still produce a striking effect.

The lighting really brings out the boldness of the eyes of Michael Brent.

Haha, Luke Guldan tries 3 times to look lethal, but only ends up looking cuter than ever!

More deadly looks tomorrow! *And if I get many positive comments, I'll continue the story*


Anonymous said...

loved it :) it was cute. and pretty damn good. i loved reading. and the man of the week. amazing. you're my hero

Anonymous said...

these looks just make them hotter ;)

SirPercy said...

my man and i are HUGE suckers for eyes... the face is what really pulls us in. scott & jared's eyes were fantastic on this post, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

nice illusion with clay adler's missing right leg

Woman said...

No BS. I liked the little scene!

Anonymous said...

Loved the story, please continue and Add Philip Fusco to your list of hotties to post for this.

Love the blog totally


Dude Flesh said...

Great post . . . especially love the Luke Guldan pics!

Michelle said...

I love those kinds of stories...as I was reading I was actually picturing someone that looked an awful lot like Clay Adler. Then imagine my surprise as I scrolled through the beauty and find the man himself. Great story.

*is hoping to find Bryan Thomas in tomorrow's post*

Christopher said...

Please please PLEASE let me know where I can get my hands on higher-resolutions of the Jared Koronkiewicz pictures, especially the hot one of him in the leather jacket! Thanks ever so much :)

Eric said...

Haha, fantastic story.

I love the ending. You should definitely add more ^_^

Oh, and btw, great shot of Michael Brent :-)

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

christopher, i'm afraid 784x1000 is the biggest, highest quality pic of jared in that leather jacket that i've found

however, i suggest you wait til 4/11 when i will feature jared that weekend. it'll be totally hot, if i do say so myself

Some woman said...

I never much liked Luke Guldan's face, but a couple of days ago he was (shirtless) on the Colbert Report, and it's amazing the difference seeing him live makes. I'm sure his smile has caused traffic accidents.