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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Face-Body Mismatch Syndrome

The purpose of this blog is meant to celebrate male beauty, but when it comes to defining 'perfection,' sometimes yours truly can get a bit hypercritical. This is one of those times.

What is the Face-Body Mismatch Syndrome, you may ask! Simply put, it's when the structure of the face and the structure of the body do not coincide with each other. Still don't understand? Well the best way to explain is through examples.

Regard the extraordinarily pretty James Ellis. Slender face, cute smile, lovely eyes!

Now compare that face to this body!

Would you believe this is the same guy?

Make no mistake, I'm a huge fan of James. Many talented photographers (e.g. Adam Bouska and Martin Ryter) are able to capture both his face and his body in a very copacetic way.

But I still have to wonder, if he toned his body down a little...would his fashion modeling be as successful as his fitness modeling is right now.


On the other hand, regard the too-too handsome face of Brodie. With sexy bedroom eyes, appealing facial hair, everything about his face says he spends most of his time at the gym.

But his torso, arms, and legs would tell you otherwise!

Again, don't get me wrong! I absolutely LOVE this guy and his...um...work! And I also realize he looks better at different angles.

But a part of me I wish he'd bulk up a little more. Then he would become the hottest man on the planet!

Okay, so if you're fans of James or Brodie...here's your chance to defend their hotness! Comment below!


Rainbow said...

'o scarraffone è bell a'mamma sua.
Neapolitan say that means: beauty is relative. Besides, to me having too many muscles it's as unattractive as being too fatty.

David said...

Bordie's face is beautiful and sexy and James' body and face are soooo sexy!

Cathaclysm said...

Wow Man! You completely read my mind! Do you know how many times I've been witness of that kind of mismatch?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I love your site, man!

Torontonian said...

What you're saying is you have a mental conflict between expectations and stereotypes.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

torontonian...lol...yeah, sure?

Anonymous said...

He's hot. Period. That part of you that wishes he'd bulk up more isn't wrong, per se. You're probably in the majority with that opinion. BUT, it's not necessarily RIGHT, either. It might be...simply HABIT.

Yes, beauty is relative. But not only between two relative observers. Also between observers relative to their places in cultural--and place can be historical or even geographic. Be open to the possibility that at least some small measure of what you're inclined to find hot at first impulse (or skinny at first impulse or fat or whatever) might actually be--to an extent at least--a CONDITIONED impulse, not some in-born magical assessment. Would the young Robert Redford be considered extremely hot nowadays? I'm doubtful. But in his day--which wasn't THAT long ago--he was. We are, to at least a small extent, TRAINED to think that this or that is or isn't beautiful. If that weren't the case, aesthetics would never be at play in racism, either. Often, bigots actually think black people ARE ugly because they're black, simply because they're black. Yet, black people don't walk around seeing each other as ugly because they're black. (Some do, but there's a lot of psychology going on there.) All this is to say... I wish he'd bulk up a little bit more, too. ROFL!!! *But* Then I stop myself and ask myself WHY I wish that, and I realize that I wish it for no significant reason (I'll go farther and actually say, "for no good reason")--it's just a default impulse/preference born more out of a HABIT of seeing the same beefy collegiate types over and over and over again than it is born of a non-cynical, reasonably objective consideration. Then--with my eyes clearer--I see things I missed before, and he starts looking DAMN HOT in his own right. Then, I want to start putting MY hand down his boxer briefs, and run MY hand on his right pit. That's when I realize that for him to bulk up more might actually be to diminish him in some way. I quickly go from, "Hmmmm, kinda slim." to "Please f#$% me NOW!"

Rex said...

so true