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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drawn to Drew

Taylor Swift's song reads like my personal biography. Do hotties like Drew Van Acker realize that when they talk to me, or merely walk by me, that I can't breathe? And why do they have to be so perfectly beautiful...the kind of flawless I wish I could be?

Whomever he's dating, I bet she's beautiful just like him...and she's probably got everything that I'll just have to live without (like, say, breasts!) :-P

In anycase, she better hold him tight and look into his beautiful eyes and knows how lucky she is! And she might also want to buy him a gift from chokerz4men.com.

To call a model 'photogenic' seems like a given. But the truth is...many models need certain lighting, airbrushing, and skill from the photographer to capture them at their best. Comparing Drew to many guys on the International Jock website, this fact seems most obvious...I don't wanna name names, but certain models just look natural posing in front of a plain backdrop as Drew Van Acker does.

*P.S. Yes, I created the above video, and yes, I realize the sound quality is abysmal. It's the best I could do with the technology I have at my disposable. And if you want to find the pictures in the video that I didn't post, ask me and I may point to where you can find them*


Anonymous said...

The April fools joke is officially not funny.

Alfred said...

wow the back really renders me speechless - it's very beautiful.

April Fool's joke - I totally got it having pranked some of my friends. Good one though =)

steph said...

haha. you got me. I was like What until I scrolled down.

David said...

A great April Fool's! It took my breathe away though Drew REALLY took my breathe away!

DannyH said...

that is SO not amusing!
for like two seconds i was like wtf??

glad you made up for it with the uber handsome hottie!

Anonymous said...

ROFL, For afew seconds I was going to just delete the link and that would have been it. Good thing I decided to scroll down a bit. You may actually lose some fans if they do nto scroll down. This was a good one by the way!

Now do a mega post of Philip Fusco please, Phil is a personal friend and just HOT from head to toe.


William said...

wow Drew Van acker is gorgeous
is there more of him?

Ps that was not funny, saying the blog was officially closed.

WickedGayBlog.com said...

Don't do that too me, I am officially addicted to your blog!

Dave, WGB

Anonymous said...

I almost cried for a second there! Man, you're lucky I'm a genius and I scrolled down or you would've lost a "follower!" Ha! Funny now, though!

Eric said...

I'd like to say I wasn't fooled :-P

Especially after a day of nothing but April Fool's jokes right and left. And tons of tons of fake internet stories, lol.

But good one nonethless.

Now, with regards to this post:

I think I'm starting to get what you see in backs :-)

Anonymous said...

why does the last image of the back have photo qualities strangely reminescent of the tyson paige photoshoot you posted not long ago...

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Sorry if I offended anyone with the April fool's joke. not really. lol :-P

Kurt: Philip is A+ in my books, however, because he's so great...his pictures are also everywhere on the net. any picture i post you can find ten more on other sites. I will definitely keep an eye out on exclusive pix that i can post without feeling redundant.

to the last anonymous: the striking similarities are due to the same photographer shooting the same kind of product for the same site. i also believed this back belonged to tyson at first, but other sources say this back indeed belongs to drew. it'll remain that way til i have full proof otherwise.

G aygoods said...

He is hot!

Gay Goods said...

He is hot!