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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Centaur Hottie

Half-man, half-horse...100% hot!
The name to this mystical creation is Scott Bailey.

His fully human guise isn't half bad either!

When not steaming up the commercials for Old Spice, Scott loves to dance (on two legs)!

Here he is from the made for TV movie Prayers for Bobby. Source: superherofan.


Nandoism™ said...

Wow...never thought a horse could do THAT to me!!

Keep up the great work!


DrGaellon said...

He was SO GOOD in that movie.

David said...

He is hot!! Such cute and dreamy eyes. Oh what a romantic I am. lol

Krytoh said...

Stud just doesn't cover it! Thanks for the name!

jahhy said...

Wow!!! Marvellous Scott!!!


Rex said...

I bet he's hung like a horse...