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Monday, March 23, 2009

Always the Hottie, Never the Star

Shawn Roberts is certainly one of the hottest creations in the world.

A great face and smokin' body. This actor has built a lengthy resume...

Lengthy...but unfortunately, his roles have been rather small. Any leading material are merely in bad franchise comedies or generic horror flicks that usually air once on TV or go straight to DVD.

Case in point 1: His role in National Lampoon's Going in the Distance. Credit to treycruz.

Another case in point: Guest appearance in USA network 'Psych'. Credit to superherofan.

*This particular episode mocked the Friday the 13th series. Unfortunate but not surprising, Shawn gets killed off. Ugh, I hate it when horror flicks exploit a guy's hotness but doesn't give him a redeemable quality...like saving someone's life before he dies...*

For movie makers out there, please heed my advice. Just because a hot guy has a lot of muscle, that doesn't automatically make him an airhead. Write smart, hunky leading characters and cast someone like Shawn. Give him the material, and if he has any talent, we'll see him shine!

Thanks to Eric for upoading this clip from the movie Shock to the System, in which Shawn is a suspect, being chased down by Chad Allen.

*After working with him in this movie, the director Ron Oliver saw his potential and cast him as a lead in a TV film called Red Torrent aka Black Rain. If anyone catches it on TV, please upload them on youtube, or at least take some screencaps. Thanks*

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Eric said...

Whoah... what??

What's going on in that National Lampoon shot. Hm... I think I'll have to investigate further ^_^