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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wet Em Down

Introduction seems gratuitous when water-soaked men are involved.

Our Man for Two Weeks: Chris Austad.

A beautiful shot of Mark Carroll.

Benno Thoma Photography.



F6's Editor said...

FYI on the pic second from the bottom on the right, I believe is Ryan Diesel, but dont cite that without checking first. Im just giving a lead and hope that it helps.

Joe said...

The guy on the bottom left is Mike, a former Strengthnet model, though I can't find him on the site anymore. The pictures you have labeled Gabe Johansen are actually of Anton Antipov. Thanks for the hot pics!

Eric said...

The last guy on the bottom right... I have his name on the top of my tongue, but I just can't remember :-(

Duba said...

Evan Wade is sooo hot! I made a wall out of the two last ones.
wet guys looks better then the dty ones!