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Monday, February 23, 2009

Body of a Man: Armpits 2

I believe I've ran out of body parts, so let's return to that infamous part of a man's body that has the distinct ability to turn you on or drive you away.

Hot Fire Pits!

I desperately want to know! Who are these guys?

Finally, I'll bookend this post with another pit of Chris Austad.


Anonymous said...

that first guy is tyler davin

DannyH said...

obviously some gorgeous pictures and men..
but this observer is still a bit torn between whether pits are yummy or yucky!

Lez Hard said...

Great show

Joe said...

The unknown guy wearing the watch is Chris Williams, an AAG model.

tundratomo said...

done right,,, pits are yummy, they must be clean of course, im a pit admirer, thanks for the post as usual

Anonymous said...

the one standing on the doorway is greg peralta

Anonymous said...

I thought that the gentleman with the watch (second down on the right) was Michael Fitt. I'm pretty sure.