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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nash Vs Cole

My two favorite Fratmen guys! Two totally gorgeous boy-next-door types!
Or rather, boy-next-seat-in-lecture-hall-give-me-reason-to-go-to-class types!

Nash to your left. Cole to your right.
Of course, these guys come with great packages. I mean, really really nice packages.
But their proliferation on the web and the links I provided above should be suffice!
Please discuss whom you prefer overall!


Tanner said...

Couldn't vote:

Face: Nash
Chest: Cole
Back: Nash- easy one

Crazy Sam said...

Oh I'm the first to vote for Cole? Great! Nash is someone I would get attracted to in an instant, but Cole is the type of guy who would grow on me, you get what I mean?

Also Cole gets 10 brownie points for "saving" his hairiness.

Eric said...

Nash has the face but Cole also has a face and a better body (lol, if you know what I mean :-)

Plus Nash is totally wishing right now he'd taken his clothes off... unfortunate how things turned out :-(

Joe in the OC said...

Nash, Nash, Nash!!! sounds like I'm chewing him up. YUM

Anonymous said...

Cole! He looks like he would be way more fun in the sack! And he definitely gets extra points for keeping his body hair ... the hairless thing is so tired.

Anonymous said...

Humm, this is a tough one for me. I do find both to be so hot. I agree Nash has a cuter face, but Cole does have a fantastic body and I love the body hair. I would be totally happy with either as a Boyfriend but I do tend to think Cole would be the hotter in bed. Ohh the fantasies.........


Rex said...

Really excellent post! Thanks

Oh, and clearly Nash all the way. ;)

Georg said...

Eric, you should have scrolled down at http://lust.raelelohim.com/2008/06/x-fratmen-nash.html to see the yummie nakedness of Nash.

Galdio said...

Waaah! I loved the contest! Do you have in mind doing some more? :D

Yup, I'd date Nash while fucking Cole... And maybe sometimes make them change roles, who knows (yup, I'd wish!).

borg_queen said...

Hi, I don't know if you've heard of this but "Nash" is actually Paul Donahoe. He's quite controversial.