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Friday, January 16, 2009

Man of the Moment: Matt Kirkham

If I ran into this man walking down the street, I'd probably keel over and die!
Meet Matt Kirkham, 22-year-old model from England!
I love a shirtless hottie as much as the next guy, but for me, the mark of a truly beautiful man is how spectacular he looks wearing simple clothing. Besides Brandon Stoughton, Matt was the other man who inspired me to devote these next few weeks for shirted hotties!

In fact, bare feet and perhaps a few A-shirts will be about as much skin as you'll see for a while! Can you handle the un-nakedness?
*see him shirtless 2/3/09*


Anonymous said...

Even with clothes on the guys on this blog keep you coming back for more. I added you to my blog onlyhotguys.blogspot.com a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these truly hot pics of Matt Kirkham. He's just divine! Indeed, everything about him and these these pics, (the handsome face in all pics, hairy arms in pics 1 & 2, delicious bulge in pic 2, great legs in pic 4 and those incredible pits in pic 7) just go to show that a man can be far more sexy when his ‘assets’ are shown off to best effect through suitable clothing and the rest is left to the imagination!

By the way many thanks for taking the time and trouble to set up all those posts on auto-pilot, but it is even better having you back at the helm once again! Looking at the posts on your blog brightens up each day for me.

Anonymous said...

These guys are hot clothed or not. I'd hate to just keel over before I got to know him better, a lot better.

Eric said...

Lol, the fact that you post pics in conjunction with what I'm thinking is starting to scare me :-S

But yeah, Matt Kirkham is super hot, without a doubt. Total definition of gorgeous right there.