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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Man of the Day: Francis Cadieux

Making a list of my favorite Canadian men, Brett Hollands and Cameron Mathison would definitely be number one and two, respectively.

And this man would be number three!

Born in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, this 25-year-old was studying to be a police officer when he was discovered by EMA Models. After finishing his schooling, Francis went to Europe and became an international sensation, working in Milan, Paris, Hamburg, and London. He's boast some work in the USA as well. Other than his good looks, Francis contributes his success to his friendly personality because he likes to share his happiness with people around him.

Francis loves all kinds of sports, which is not a surprise. But he also LOVES food just as much...which he admits can be a problem sometime.

Being that's he's French-Canadian, I'm also going to venture a guess and say that Francis likes his scarves as well.

So, what do I love about Francis Cadieux? Oh, where to begin?

His gorgeous mug, maybe?

He has one of the most expressive, sexiest eyes I've ever seen...
making any black and white shot more vibrant because of them!

There's also no doubt! He looks stunning in clothes!
Red, white and blue?...wait, I thought he was Canadian?

What else, do I love about him? His shirtless bod! Yes, that's right, click to find him wearing absolutely NO SHIRT!


Jack Tatanin said...

wow, kenneth.... you're mean...

Duba said...

Great attitude shot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kenneth, he really is a beautiful man. Now I'll have to look for some pics of him shirtless.

musclepie said...

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Anonymous said...

Even clothed, this man exudes more sexiness than most that are unclothed What a find!!!! Thanks for posting, now and always.