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Monday, January 4, 2010

Look! Over There! It's a...

What do you think captivated their attention?

Add caption here!


Krytoh said...

It's an Ambercrombie model with ALL of their clothes on! (gasp!)

borg_queen said...

It's Zac Efron! No! It's people lining up for the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. We are doomed!

Anonymous said...

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Luiz said...

its a new year, n ur blog is the coolest of all blogs about men I've know

TornJeans said...

It's Indiana Jones!
He is naked!
He is looking at our boyfriends!
Hit the gas pedal!!

Jeffrey said...

Okay...maybe reading too much into this, but I'm a writer...it's what I do: Guy behind the wheel is straight...other guy, maybe not so much, and there's a really well-hung guy naked. The guy behind the wheel is kinda repulsed by it, the other guy is in love! ;) The girls...they're both titillated and terrified!

Krytoh said...

Wow. That makes perfect sense! Now WHO are they looking at!? It Alvin's shlong or Indiana Jones'?? :)

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

my two cents says it's Tarzan!

Anonymous said...

Look! There goes our self-respect!

glen0330 said...

Honest officer, we just wanted to sit in the Escalade after his wife tore it up with the nine iron. We weren't going to steal it.

Dave said...

Look, it's Tarzan and.. oh.. I thought Cheetah was a girl??!!

tundratomo said...

It's Taylor Lautner swinging on a vine, aka Tarzan, rawrrr

Kc said...

It's a calvin klein 50% off sale!