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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brandon Stoughton is Clothing-nizer

On the very first month of doing this blog, I did a small post featuring Fully-Clothed Guys. The very first picture in that post was of a little known guy by the name of Brandon Stoughton. This is the same picture, only bigger.

A year later, Brandon Stoughton launched into fame as Britney Spears's Womanizer. And now he continues to be one of the most searched guys to my blog!

To kick off these two weeks featuring fully-dressed guys, I think it'll be totally poetic to start yet again with Brandon Stoughton.

And it's my BIRTHDAY, so I'm happy to have Brandon celebrate with me!


Anonymous said...

Nice post and Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dear!

Marc said...

happy bday :) and brandon is one of my favs too

Lez Hard said...

Brandon is also one of my favorites...
Happy birthday!

F6's Editor said...

Just had to assure you that you wont see me going anywhere. I prefer pictures series to have teasing nature wraping the pleasures of position and shadows into an intense explosion of revelation at the end. I wish more sites would do both.

Happy Birthday.

Eric said...

Happy Birth Day!

And yes, these are the hottest pics of Brandon I've seen as of yet. Perfection!

Crazy Sam said...

Happy birthday brothah!

Brandon is undoubtedly handsome, but he doesn't make my heart flutter and I think he is the only Britney-guy who failed to infuse any naughty thoughts in me. That said, the pics on this post are the best that I have seen of him.